Thomas Baurmann  
Privatpraxis für Psychotherapie


Psychotherapeutic consultation for teens & young adults

Attachment-based Therapy | Depth Psychology-based | online

  • Are you experiencing a lack of friendships, performance pressure, anxiety, or frequent conflicts with your classmates, parents or other adults? 
  • Do you feel lonely, misunderstood, disoriented or you don´t know how to manage school or your education?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed by the expectations of your parents, friends, teachers, or trainers?
  • Do you ruminate over certain thoughts and wish they would stop? 
  • Do you feel isolated and as if nobody is interested in how your well-being?
  • Do you find it difficult to say "no" to someone and set clear boundaries?
  • Do you often experience diffuse pains like stomach or headaches?

I understand how stressful this can feel and how challenging it can be to find your own way through. I work with teens and adolescents every day who share similar problems. I can help you build self-confidence and find ways and solutions  on how your  anger, fears or other strong feelings can be understood and  reduced. I listen to you without judging and give you the freedom to make your own decisions about your life.  If necessary, I can also be a critical counterpart.


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