Thomas Baurmann  
Privatpraxis für Psychotherapie

Psychotherapeutic consultation for parents

 Attachment-based Therapy | Depth Psychology-based | online

What can you expect from a session?

  • Developing an understanding and confidence in your role as a parent: 
I provide you with a space in which you can reflect on your own role and associated behaviors without judgment. Through this process you will increasingly gain more understanding of yourself and for connections within your family.


  • Discovering new perspectives and possibilities for living together: 
Within a safe and non-judgmental framework, the reflective process allows you to explore and test new potentials and perspectives for your family’s new way of life together.


  • Enhancing understanding of relationships and deepened empathy: 
Increased self-awareness and understanding of others contribute to greater empathy and improved bonding skills.


  • Orientation during and after crises or stressful situations: 
Become a position as a secure haven for your child again, in which you find orientation and clarity again.


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