Thomas Baurmann  
Privatpraxis für Psychotherapie

 Psychotherapeutic consultation for parents, teens & young adults

 Attachment-based Therapy | Depth Psychology-based | online




My name is Thomas Baurmann. As a licensed child and adolescent psychotherapist, I offer online consultations for parents, teens and young adults from the ages of 13 to 25 years old.

Due to my bilingual services, I now accompany families, teenagers and young adults worldwide. My therapeutic approach is based on Depth Psychological and Attachment-based Therapy. I also integrate systemic and solution-oriented perspectives, as well as elements from Gestalttherapy (according to Perls).  


If you are a parent, changes are you’re in a stressful life situation, have a child with mental health issues or behavioral problems, and are looking for professional support.

for parents

As an teenager or young adult, do you feel disoriented or withdrawn? Do you notice that you are sometimes impulsive or joyless? Are obligatory secrecy and a confidential  atmosphere important to you?

for teens/ young adults


  • What are the benefits of an online consultation? 
Online consultations offer location independence, more flexible appointment scheduling and cost-effectiveness as there is no travel time to and from the clinic.


  • From which ages can my child work with you? 
Consultations hours are available for anyone from the ages of 14 to 17 years old. From the age of 18, young adults can work independently without parental involvement.  
  • Is it possible for my child to attend consultation hours and for parent consultation hours to take place at the same time? 
Yes, this is possible. In some cases, this can even enhance the processes for all


  • Is there a duty of confidentiality? 
Yes, of course! Confidentiality is a crucial aspect of therapy. It ensures privacy, fosters trust, and allows for open and honest communication.

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